Property sales in The Enclave

I (Bill Travers) Just pulled up the property sales from Sarasota County Property Appraisers office for 2010.  There are 4 total recorded  from the site. See screen shot below:

Jan - Oct 2010 Srq Property Sales for The Enclave

Tax software indicates over 3o homes in the foreclosure queue.  Pipeline not flowing and now with BOA and others putting a temporary halt while they review their accountability, things may take a while to become active on the market.

Play Ball

Anyone up for putting a pickup baseball or soccer game together during the week?  Let’s mix it up with the kids.  There is an opening in the fence that leads to the fields at Tatum Ridge.  It looks legal (?) to me and doesn’t have any “No Trespassing” notice attached to the area.

If you’re in, post it here.  Maybe a Wednesday night for a couple of hours. Play BallPlay Ball