Congrats to our new board members

Elections are over and the turnout was great. A new board, a new beginning.  Personally, Todd Bowden should’ve been on the ballot. However, the outcome was very beneficial as voiced by many attendees.  I have a feeling, we will be seeing Mr. Bowden in the near future on our board and he will be a big asset.

This is a lesson in what a community can do. We as residents, need to get involved on many levels and to be more active and more vocal, along with participating in meetings and subcommittees with our new board. Don’t sit on the sidelines and scrutinize or critique. GET INVOLVED!!!

What are your thoughts?

Board of Directors Ballots 2013

frustrationAs many of you have noticed, the recent ballots were sent out in April 2013 for the election of the Board of Directors.  Somehow, the property  management association erroneously neglected to add one of the applicants; Todd Bowden.  Mr. Bowden did submit his application on time.

There must now be an another mail out done to include Mr. Bowden.  Please make sure you have received the newest ballot and proxy papers and to be sure Mr. Tood Bowden’s information is included in your packet.  Should you be missing this information, please contact Rampart Properties

Their information is as follows:
Ph. 941-552-1598
5216 Paylor Lane
Sarasota, FL  34240