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The Enclave, Villages at Pinetree in Sarasota, Florida. 

Our Community and We Love It!!!


Note from the originator and moderator of

Hello Everyone, I am Bill Travers and I live in The Enclave and have lived here since June 2003.  My family and I were one of the first to close in The Enclave.  We’ve been living happily here ever since.  Yes, even when the construction nails were going in the roofs at 7:00 am on a Saturday morning, 🙂

I am creating this blog so that many of us can network, promote our business, and do business with each other, share local relevant information and resources, create some activities within the community, and just plain, socialize with one another.  There are a lot of small business owners here in The Enclave and wouldn’t it be great for all of us to know who we are.

Now, if you plan to use this blog, I want to make a few things clear and ask that we ALL remember to: 

  • Be polite
  • Assume good faith
  • No personal attacks
  • Be welcoming
  • No legal threats
  • Civility

I invite you to make suggestions for topics,  categories and anything else you might feel would help improve the validity of this community forum.  And one more thing, if you have a complaint about something in the The Enclave community itself, please contact the HOA, the link is located on the right toolbar under “Blogroll”.  It’s the job of the board to remedy our issues.  Let’s keep it fun and positive in here.  To use the blog, click on the category box

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61 thoughts on “The Enclave @ Pinetree

  1. My family is thinking of putting in a bid. I am trying to find regulations on pets andit any fncing is allowed.

    1. Hello Mike. You can contact Sentry Property Management for the latest and greatest bylaws. There are regulations on what fencing you can install. If you need further info, hit me back. Best, Bill

  2. My family is moving into the subdivision next week. I have been trying to find the floor plan/blueprints to our home with all of the room dimensions, but have had no luck. The county doesn’t have the info, and the builder isn’t around anymore. So my question is this, does anyone that currently lives in the longford model 3174/3222sq ft have the floor plans that I could get a copy of? We have found the foot print, just not the actual building plans including room dimensions.

    1. Hi Jake. Welcome to the neighborhood. We hope you like living here as much as I do. As for the floor plan, I’ll dig around and see if I can find it. Have you contacted the permitting department of Sarasota? They usually keep this archived. I had to find plans in Manatee Co. and their building department was able to help. I have your email so when/if I find it, I’ll send it over. Best, Bill Travers (Sarasota Communities Real Estate, PLLC)

  3. We’re looking at a home on Pinyon Pine. Can you tell me more about the neighborhood? It looks perfect! Is there a lot of holiday spirit e.g. Halloween and Christmas? We’re moving from a neighborhood that goes all out for the holidays and will miss it. Do older kids (5th gradeish) walk or ride their bikes to/from Tatum? It’s 1.2 miles so seems a bit long but I would guess there is no buss. How about the quality of homes- going on 15 years since built so wondering if there are any issues popping up. Thanks!

    1. Hello Tami. Yes the community is absolutely family driven. I’ve lived here since 2003. Centex built the homes. Pretty good construction overall. Biking is the way to get to Tatum from Pinyon. There is a foot bridge that connects each section. There’s no bus to Tatum. Hope this helps and welcome to the neighborhood.

  4. Hello, I just moved to the area 3 days ago and am struggling with unpacking and taking care of my 3 boys. I’m not sure if this blog is still active but if it is, does anyone have any recommendations on any help that may assist me?

  5. Hello. I just moved into the Enclave and was wondering if there are any restrictions in regards to sheds on the property. I tried looking through the HOA bi-laws but could not locate anything about sheds. Thank you for your help!


  6. Thinking about buying on Western pine. What is the general consensus on the community and the quality of these homes built? Hoping someone still checks this blog:)

    1. Sure we check the blog. The community is great. Very active with family’s. The homes were Centex so quality is average for a production builder but not bad. I’ve been in my home in The Enclave for 13 years. Not too many problems. All the best to you!

  7. Is there a website that has the bylaws for the HOA I closed on our home April 17th 2015 n it was a foreclosure so I had no paper work given to me at that time

    1. Hi Troy. Welcome to the neighborhood.

      You should reach out to Lighthouse property management. They manage the property. They have the bylaws/deed restrictions on their web portal I believe. I hope you were told about the quarterly dues and were given a payment book as well. Here is the contact info you need:
      Douglas C. Shepherd
      Lighthouse Property Management, Inc.
      4951 Ringwood Meadow
      Sarasota, FL 34235
      Ph. 941-388-7109 Ext. 307
      Fax 941-388-7129

      Good luck and all the best!
      Bill Travers

  8. Good afternoon –

    I was wondering if you could tell me the registered name of the Enclave HOA (the legal name as listed in the Bylaws/Covenants)? Thanks for the help, and have a happy and safe 2015!

  9. I am not sure this blog is still active but I am looking for a way to contact the new HOA management company. My mailbox is falling apart and I was told this maintenance is handled by the management company. Anyone know how to contact them? I have an Orlando address where my payments go but no company name or phone number. Thanks

  10. I live in Western Pine and my house was built in 2006. I am looking to replace a kitchen door on my maple cabinets, Does anyone know who the original cabinet manufacurer is?


  11. We would like to submit information to your homeowners association about volunteering in local schools. To what address may I send this information, if appropriate? Thank you. The Sarasota County Schools Volunteer Program: PALS Partners in Education

  12. Hello, I am run the feral cat program for the Animal Rescue Coalition here in Sarasota. We are currently working in your area spaying and neutering feral and free-roaming cats. Please contact me if you have a cat problem in your area. I would like to help. 957-1955 ext 4. When you call, please mention you are with The Enclave HOA so they route the call to me. Thank you.

  13. Hello Enclave Please post this message if you would like to.
    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail. My name is Melanie Smith. I am the principal of Island Village Montessori School. We are a charter school in the process of purchasing 100 acres near your neighborhood. We only have three weeks to give the bank our answer. We need families to show an interest before we can say yes. I would like to let your families know that a free public Montessori school serving pre-k (tuition based) and Kindergarten through 5th grade (free) adding a grade each year up to 8th grade could possibly open near them. We need families to fill out a letter of intent on our website by choosing the future Clark rd. campus if they have an interest in this school opening near them. Please forward this to anyone you would like. There is a sign on Clark road but with a 3 week time limit I am trying to get the word out in your area. Please call me with questions. 941-954-4999. This is a wonderful opportunity and I’m sure families will be interested.
    Thank you so much, Melanie Smith

  14. Apparently someone deleted my first post. Is it true that the lions and tigers at big cat habitat roar and wake you up early in the morning and throughout the day for residence of the Enclave and nearby communities? I’m asking residents on here not trying to cause problems or rumors. I have an offer in on a house in the neighborhood and am a light sleeper

    1. You can sometimes hear the lions roaring but the noise is not loud enough to wake you up. We live in the 3rd neighborhood that is the closest to the habitat and the noise is very faint.

  15. I am looking at moving into the area. Is it true that the Big cat habitat has lions that roar all throughout the day and wake you up at 5am etc. Please anyone living in the neighborhood could you tell me the truth behind this? I am a light sleeper.

    1. You should think about Myakka if you’re worried about noises. To hear a lions roar is a unique experience. Cherish it.

  16. Hello

    I live on pinyon pine. I am just wondering when the next community Garage sale is planned. Last time I did not have adequate time to collect items to sell. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hello I just posted this on our blog:
      It’s time for our semi annual garage sale in The Enclave, Villages at Pinetree.

      From 8-2, one day only on April 14th, 2012. Some of you wanted Sunday but the board thought one day was enough and I personally agree as there was an extremely LITE showing of buyers the last time we did a Sunday. So mark your calendars and reap in the bucks! Good Luck!

  17. Only You Can Prevent Speed Bumps!

    Keep an eye on your speed and remember to STOP at all stop signs as kids are crossing the cross walks, to and from school! Let’s look out for each other!

  18. Hello – I live on Fraser Pine, which is a nice neighborhood. However, I want to discuss some of the dogs in the neighborhood in regards to the community.

    My family has dogs and we walk them regularly, on leashes, and pick up after them when they do their business. I cannot tell you how many times we see piles that have not been picked up – sometimes even laying on the sidewalk!. Not only is it an eye sore, but it is unsanitary for children who might be playing in that area or people just trying to take a leisurely walk.

    The other issue I am concerned about is loose dogs. I honestly cannot believe how many loose dogs I see when we are out. Yes, even though they might be in the owner’s front yard, how do I know that the dog will not decide to attack me, my dog, or my children? I have seen many dogs in the neighborhood – small, large, even some aggressive breeds like a Pitt Bull, all loose in their yard with no owner in sight. I will be honest, it is scary. How do I know the dog won’t take offense to something I am doing and come after me? It is not fair to feel like I cannot take a leisurely walk in my own neighborhood because of fear of loose dogs. Please put your dogs on a leash. It is the law. Show some respect for your fellow neighbors and the community.

    I apologize if anyone finds this offensive, but it needs to be said.

    1. I agree with your overall assessment regarding dog poop, However, I disagree with your characterization of Pit Bulls as “aggressive”.

      I happen to own a Pit Bull and he is nothing of the sort. Many of my neighbors have visited our home over the years and there has never been an incident involving my Pit Bull. On the contrary, many of my neighbor’s children have swam in our pool along side our Pit Bull!

      So please, do not help perpetuate the myth that all Pit Bulls are “aggressive”. Why? Because you are simply wrong.

      1. Yes, but knowing how many people feel about Pit Bulls, even if the perception is wrong, you should not let your dog out in your yard without a leash – it is still scary to those who don’t know you or your dog.

        What you do in your home or pool is your business, I understand that. But when you let your dog roam around outside unattended and off leash it makes it everyone else’s business.

  19. As many of you know, its that time when those garage springs start to wear out and break. Be careful when raising up or letting down your garage door. Some neighbors have had their door slam to the ground when the coil springs break. It sounds like thunder when it happens.

    I had to have my double door spring replaced. The company charged me approximately $200.00. Shouldn’t be more than that so watch you don’t get overcharged. Just an FYI for you all.

  20. I live on Fraser Pine- did I see a sign posted for a community yard sale this weekend? for Nov. 13, 2010? Do you have any specifics? Or can you tell me where to fine the information?

    1. Yes and thanks for replying. The garage sale starts from 8 – 2. Saturday only. Put out any and all items. We will also post on Craigslist and Facebook all this week. The Association will be posting in the Herald Tribune or so I’ve been told. Hope that helps.

  21. Hi,
    We’re from Chicago & planning a visit (staying w/friends that bought last year at the Enclaves 1322 Western Pine) Oct. 19-24, 2010. We’ll be looking at houses in The Enclave and nearby neighborhoods. This will be our permanent retirement home in the next 3-5 yrs. Anyone out there know of homes that are for sale (short, foreclosure or otherwise) or for sale by owner?
    We have been working w/a realtor (same one our friends used) & looking at listings on the internet.
    Thank you for any information you can give us.
    Pam & Ken Bosworth

    1. Hi Pam & Ken. You’ll find good deals here these days in The Enclave. You should be asking your Realtor about the short sales/foreclosures as he/she can find them on the MLS. I believe in being honest so if you’re looking for a “for sale by owner”, you should get your Realtor involved. It’s the right thing to do. Good luck in your search and see you around the neighborhood.

  22. Just had to replace my hot water heater!!! ugh!!!

    Want my neighbors to know that their heaters have a 7 year warranty, return heater to home depot. They will give you an in-store credit, then sell you a knew one right there. A “good” plumber shouldn’t charge more than $100. I have one if you need the number 🙂

    Hopefully your heaters will break down before seven years! LOL!

  23. Bill,
    I think the blog is off to a great start. I think a lot of the parents can use this as a resource for school communication.
    I liked that idea of an international day. Everybody could find something to enjoy!
    Hey, thanks for helping with our yard too!


  24. I just wanted to give a BIG shout out to you guys that helped me with the mowing and clean up of the lawn today on the corner of Arolla and Fraser Pine.

    and of course, my little guy Brett!


  25. Hey everyone,

    I just saw Bill today and he told me about this blog. It’s great, Bill, thanks for getting it started!

    Bill & I were discussing an idea for a possible “International Day” here in our neighborhood. I think it would be great to all get together, possibly get a permit to close off Arolla Pine, and each make a dish that relates to our own heritage. We have people in our neighborhood from all parts of the country and the world! It would be fun to get together to experience foods from our different backgrounds.

    Just let me know if there is any interest for this, and perhaps we can put it together when it’s convenient for everyone.

    See you around!

  26. I love to see so many of you running in the mornings! Previously, I met my neighbors by way of dog walks!

    Run on!

    PS Thanks Bill, for putting so much time and effort into this blog. I hope it helps to strengthen friendships in addition to opening doors to new ones…..keeping this a strong and healthy community for families with children!

  27. Bill, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with “advertising” your business as you have already said one of the purposes of this blog is “Networking”. I really hope we can all help each other so we don’t keep having “foreclosures” in The Enclave.
    Have a happy 4th everybody!!

  28. Here is some interesting news for sales of property here in the Enclave. A recent foreclosure on 1173 WESTERN PINE CIR just sold for $315k. 3,214 a/c sq. ft. I believe this is the Longford floor plan. Putting the price per square foot at just $97.00. OUCH!

    In relation to that, you can bet I’ll be challenging my assessed tax value for 2008. I know the builder here is down to only a few lots remaining and is wheeling and dealing so that they can close out the community. Keep informed on what their closed prices will be in the near future.

    Remember if any of you have questions on property in The Enclave or other areas in or around Sarasota, just give me a shout. I’m always interested in helping.

      1. Dennis, there appears to not have been any reported cases in The Enclave. At least, not that I’m aware of. I was the first to buy here and Centex wasn’t mentioned in any cases in the area of having bought the bad drywall. Lennar, WCI, and a few others got caught with a batch. Hope this helps and good luck with your purchase.

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