The Enclave changes property management companies

See the source image

Out with the old, and in with the new. Sentry Management is now managing The Enclave. This couldn’t happen quick enough. A lot of us felt the previous company was way behind the eight ball and couldn’t keep up and truly never followed through with enforcing the protective covenants. I’ll leave it at that! Now let’s get things in order and make the community pristine.

If you are looking for the website for Sentry Management, here is the link to get in and set up your account.

Recent board meeting on 9/1/2021, stated there are actions now being aggressively pursued to remedy a few unsightly homes not complying with the covenants. Also, we have strong reserves going forward. WHAT we could use, is more neighborhood participation via property management registration. Please get on the site and list your name and email so we can bring costs down by communicating through electronic means versus letters mailing costs.

In addition, I am looking for volunteers to jump on board for a holiday committee. Every year at Christmas, we’re the one community (with 3 entrances) on Palmer that has no lights at our signs and entry. Let’s change that this year and jointly dress up our sign with holiday lights. If you’re interested, hit me up direct at Sarasota Communities at gmail dot com (piece it together, trying to avoid spam πŸ™‚

GARAGE SALE! We’ll soon be getting notices about our bi-annual garage sale event coming in October. I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to have us all in the loop by getting your name and email in the system so you can be “in the know” about our community. I’ll keep posting here, but let’s all make an effort to be communicating. Thank you in advance.

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