Palmer Road Traffic Meeting

As many of you may have seen along Palmer Road this week (3/13 – 3/19) there is to be a traffic meeting on the 21st.  The sign didn’t indicate what day so when I called the county on Monday and expressed my opinion that there should’ve been a  date on the sign, they said they would get that message “over” to the department to let them know (SURE~~~~~thats going to happen)

So it turns out a couple (he mentioned a Mr. & Mrs name but I don’t remember their names) petitioned the county to lower the speed limit along Palmer Road from Porter to Niobi.  They want it from 40 to 35 mph!  How does this sit with you?  Personally, I think they should be more concerned about where our kids cross the street to get to Tatum Ridge Elementary School than the celery fields speed limit.  Really?  Have you nothing else to do?  This 1-1/2 mile stretch is within the scope of safe transit to allow a 40 mph allotment.  Sorry, just got off my soap box.  Now let me hear you. Better yet, go to this meeting and voice your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Palmer Road Traffic Meeting

  1. New to the community and just stumbled upon the blog while searching for the HOA information. Personally, it’s hard enough to not go over 40 on that stretch of road – lowering the limit is only going to increase the number of speeding cars.

    I agree, there are better ways to spend time & resources.

    1. Hi Carol. Welcome the community. I totally agree with you. Whilst Bee Ridge and Fruitville are at 45 mph on their stretches, I see no reason we’re being held to such restrictions. Just my opinion. Keep your comments and keep coming back to the blog. Glad to have you as a neighbor!

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